About ‘Shaped chaos’ exhibition:

The exhibition is based on a collection of sculptures, paintings and drawings, through which the artist wishes to re-create images of the surrounded forms and situations in nature, society and human’s daily life. Evdokia wishes to invite the audience in a playful and yet multidimensional artworks to challenge the different aspects in a society. Therefore, the artist illustrates the progressive direction of beings and the need of sustainability and consciousness towards the change in the social and private realms.

Panoramic view

Exhibition's panoramic view

To drink or not to drink

Installation: wax mugs sculptures, embroidery, ceramic, stainless steel


'Flaming'; 2019, liquid glass and paint

View; acrylic and liquid glass on canvas

'View'; 2019; liquid glass and acrylic paint on canvas

Whte and Black

'White & Black'; 2019, line drawing with enamel on paper

Artworks' curation

Artworks' curation- Evdokia Georgiou

Future being

'Future being'; 2019; ceramic sculpture

Evdokia Georgiou - Solo Exhibition

Details of the curating

Kanata - resin sculpture

'Kanata'; 2019, resin sculpture


'Kouza'; 2019; plexiglass, enamel and brass wire on a concrete base

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