> 04/03/2021
Great Honour for Evdokia Georgiou: she will represent Cyprus at the European Glass Context 2021, which is part of the  Bornholm Biennials for Contemporary Glass and Ceramics at Denmark. The artist will present her artwork 'Twisted Reality' which is part of her Kapnistiria series of sculptures. The exhibition will be in September 2021.

> 20/09/2019
Evdokia Georgiou is participating in Rome Art Week 2019 with her artwork 'Eros & Psyche' at Counterweave Arts Gallery & Workshop, Rome, Italy

> Upcoming Solo Art Exhibition - 'Shaped Chaos'
Evdokia Georgiou will illustrate the outcome of her Art practice at Exhibit 8 in Limassol, Cyprus on the 
**15th of November 2019.** The artworks will be based on sociological, philosophical research, as well as on environmental issues and concerns. 
> 14/04/2019
Spring Harrishok Art Fair, Paphos, Cyprus

> 11/12/2018
Group Exhibition at Rouan Gallery, Limassol, Cyprus from the 12th of December 2018 up to 19th of January 2019

> 21/09/2018 
Evdokia Georgiou will be participating at the first Larnaca Biennale in Cyprus in October 2018 with the artwork 'Kapnistiria/Καπνιστήρια. The opening will be at the 17th of October at 7:30 afternoon.