challenging social behavior of humans.

transforming objects into sculptures.

displaying & creating realities.

connecting ideas & mediums.

traveling on the paper.

melting objects.


'Eros & Psyche' - Rome Art Week 2019

'Eros & Psyche'


Watercolour painting

Counterweave Arts Gallery & Workshop

Rome Art Week 2019

Rome, Italy



Sculptures: resin, egg, wax, chacoal, olive leafs, pieces of lichen and embroidery

Pierides Museum (Larnaca Biennale 2018), Larnaca, Cyprus

evdokia georgiou- urban emptiness.jpg

'Urban Heart'


Sound piece: Urban Emptiness at NeMe, Limassol, Cyprus

Taking the urban environment as a living active body with a variation in frequencies, pace, rhythms, vibrations, identities and people and combining it with the human functional being, which consists of the same qualities, the artist moved to the sound piece ‘Urban heart’. 




Stencil art 

Freedom Mills

We belong here ll

Leeds, United Kingdom



Sculptures: resin

Salone degli Incanti (Imago Mundi, 2018), Trieste, Italy

© 2015 Benetton Foundation

Evdokia melted teapot

'Teapots & Stoves'


Wax, plaster, resin, cement, electric stove

CVAN Platform Graduate Award 2015, Turner Contemporary, Margate, Kent, United Kingdom

Photographer: Stephen White



Sculptures: resin, paint, rose petals and embroidery

Rouan Gallery, Limassol, Cyprus



work in progress

Stitching on paper the shapes of the Cypriot coffee which are left behind when someone has finished with his/ her coffee. 



Wax, wood, electric stove, resin, acrylic glass, plaster; 

Degree Show of University of Kent, Dockyard, Kent, United Kingdom

'Melted Frying Pans'


wax, wood, thread, acrylic glass, electric stove

'Yours, Comes Comitis', Firstsite, Colchester, United Kingdom


'Frying pans' Evdokia Georgiou.JPG

'Frying Pans'


wax, wood, thread, acrylic glass, electric stove

'Showroom', Gillingham, Kent, United Kingdom


evdokia georgiou -the wooden table.jpg

'The wooden table'


cement, embroidery

Kent, United Kingdom


evdokia georgiou- chaos- close up.jpg



Installation Art: nails, threads and mixed media

Kent, United Kingdom


Public intervention.jpg

Public intervention in Cyprus, 2013
Translation of what is written on the label outside the primary school:

 " You need to go to school and study hard. In this way, you can get high marks that you need to enter university. Then, in the future you can have a job."


'Free Will'


Installation Art: nails, threads, wood and newspaper

Kent, United Kingdom